We strive to reduce our ecological footprint, in other words, to limit our impact on the environment. We apply this approach at two levels, internally and in our projects

ecology - Sustainable engagement - ecology

We have tried to list below the steps we have taken internally within the office by grouping them by theme.

CSDK-Sustainable Engagement-Electricity


100% Green Vital SIG (9.4% Geneva solar, 90.6% sustainable Geneva hydroelectric)

Ecological bulbs

Low consumption devices

Sleep of computers and monitors at noon

CSDK-Sustainable Engagement-Office equipement


100% recycled paper and envelopes

Paperless as much as possible

Refillable ink pens

CSDK-Sustainable Engagement-Consumable


Selective sorting

Coffee beans, no capsules

No plastic bottles, glass jugs

Gourd for travel

Organic food

No meat

Minimum plastic content

Soda stream sparkling water machine

Powdered cold tea

Loose tea with tea balls

Rechargeable soap dispensers

100% recycled toilet paper

CSDK-Sustainable Engagement-Cleaning


100% biodegradable glass cleaner

Black soap for the floor

99% biodegradable toilet detergent

99% biodegradable dishwashing liquid

Hand towels 100% recycled paper towels

CSDK-Sustainable Engagement-Intervention


Photovoltaic solar panel flashlight

Rechargeable batteries for lasers

Example of projects


We offer our clients who request it a consulting and assistance service in the implementation of sustainable approaches. Here are some concrete applications in our projects.


Garden pond

Geothermal heating

Prefabricated wooden construction

Smoothing of earth walls

Prefabricated wooden construction